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Commercial, Documentaire, Videoclip, Videokunst / Experimenteel

E V Reinalda

keywords: filmen, editen

My name is Eduardo Reinalda, and I graduated from the SAE in Amsterdam, where I studied Digital Film Making. My skill set is focused on cinematography and editing. I just started up my own company which is called Mighty Frames and in search now for projects such as: Real estate videos, Promotional videos, Music Videoclips, Documentaries and more. Through this platform I hope to find an Internship to get more experience in the actual working field, so that I can develop even more, but also actual projects to evolve for my company and my film making career, feel free to contact me:


Mijn naam is Eduardo Reinalda, en ben afgestudeerd van het SAE in Amsterdam, waar ik Digital Film Making heb gestudeerd. Mijn vaardigheden zijn gefocust op cinematography en editing. Ik heb net mijn eigen film bedrijf opgestart en dat heet Mighty Frames, en ben nu op zoek naar projecten zoals: Vastgoed videos, Promotie videos, Muziek videoclips, documentaires en meer. Met behulp van deze site hoop ik een stage te vinden zodat ik werkervaring kan op doen, maar ook projecten zodat ik en mijn bedrijf zich verder kunnen ontwikkelen. Voor meer informatie:



documentaire A short video of various shots in the Bantam forest, located in ´s-Graveland, the Netherlands. Shot & Edited by Mighty Frames. -Shot with the Sony A7SII, Slog2 -24-240mm, F3.5 Sony E-mount lens -Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 I don't own the soundtrack, link of the original song and...
commercial A project from back in 2017, a Promotional Video for a sofa that launched last year, here I assisted my friend for the cinematography: ''The Nest''
hele film
commercial Here I made a video for a client that wanted to see how his swing is, to improve his golfing skills. For this Video I used: Sony A7SII, Ronin-S, 10-18mm, F4 and the Samyang 35mm, F1.4. I Edited this video with Adobe Premiere
documentaire Here are various shots of stunning locations in the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai). For the most part of the Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. For this video I used: -Sony A7SII -10-18mm F4 -DJI Ronin-S Most shots in this video are 120fps. I edited this video on Adobe Premiere.


Cinematography & Editing
Sony A7SII
24-240mm F3.5
10-18mm F4
35mm F1.4
50mm F1.4
DJI Ronin-S
software kennis
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition