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Firma Helle Willemstein

keywords: audio post-production

Firma Helle Willemstein is an Amsterdam-based audio post-production studio.
Sound design is like life. It’s all about getting the right balance – from the ‘big picture’ to the tiniest details.
We balance feature film with commercial work… Blockbuster with art-house… Minimal with massive… Tech with passion… Silence with noise.
Re-recording mixer Arno Willemstein and sound designer/editor Martijn Helle united in 2014 to build the ideal environment to explore and achieve the best sonic possibilities for your film, documentary or advertising project. We work with you to bring your story to life – and give it balance.

We have the full range of sound design tech for editing, ADR/voice-over, customised field recordings, Foley, re-recording mix, mastering and deliveries. Two studios allow us to work on several projects simultaneously.
The 5.1 Cinema Mixing Stage room is powered by a JBL Cinema Monitoring System – and has a home-cinema feel thanks to a comfy couch. The 5.1 sound design/editing room is powered by a Dynaudio Air Monitoring System – and has everything for dealing with all those tiny details.
We also have a recording suite, a living space, a kitchen and an urban beach across the street. Drop by for a visit.
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Oostenburgermiddenstraat 208
1018 LL Amsterdam
tel: 020-7751726




Documentaire, Korte film, Lange speelfilm, Televisie drama / Dramaserie