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chris relleke film

keywords: film productions

Chris Relleke made several art films and co-founded in 1983 the Amsterdam Movie House,
even before he went to the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy , from which he graduated cum laude in 1989.His work includes film / video installations, as well as dramatic film and theatre productions, documentaries and short animation films for Dutch television.
In 1993, together with Jascha de Wilde, he founded Wilderell Films.They made several successful documentaries for the VPRO television:
STARKISS Circus girls in India

premiered in the Joris Ivens Competition at the IDFA in 2002 .
IFFLA Los Angeles, 2004 Jury Award for Best Documentary
2004 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival Academic Award

Dabba Wallahs Mumbai's lunch deliverers

(1998), nominated for the Medianet Award 1999 on the Filmfestival in Munich .
The documentary was also shown at the IDFA, the Dutch Film Festival
FIPA Biaritz festival and it was broadcasted by RAI.

Truc en plumes ex variety dancers in Paris ' (1996)

Les Olivettes Cafe chantant'

(1993) was broadcasted in Switzerland and Finland .
in Spain it was nominated at Donostia in 1994.


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