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Binger Filmlab

keywords: binger filmlab is an amsterdam based, international talent a

Binger Filmlab welcomes the best and brightest filmmakers who have already dedicated their time and talent to a career in film, and now seek to go even further. To support them, Binger provides an intensive series of Labs and A la Carte workshops and master classes, each developed to push filmmakers to their creative limits. Binger challenges participants both personally and professionally, building characters as well as film ideas.

Binger is a lab in the truest sense: we don't set out to tell filmmakers what they should do, but rather challenge them to look at the many choices available. Our process focuses on recognizing the wide array of possibilities that are inherent in every story.


Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 4-10
1012RZ Amsterdam
tel: 0205309630



AV opdrachtfilms, Documentaire, Korte film, Lange speelfilm