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PR & Comms specialist
Magdalena Lepczynska

About the project- Scar of Silence
Genre: Drama
Duration: 10 minutes

Scar of Silence is a short film project inspired by a personal story of the Dutch actress and scriptwriter Linda Jacobsen, intended to raise awareness and spark social conversations around child abuse and its long-term mental consequences.

The project is brought to life by an international set of artists based in the Netherlands, who are passionate to create a visually captivating short film to empower those who struggle with opening themselves up after being exposed to traumatic childhood experiences.

The story
As a child, Sophie was sexually abused by her stepfather. To protect herself from future pain, she built an emotional wall around herself. Today, 20 years later, she is in love with Stephan, but the only way this relationship can be saved is for Sophie to open up and let him in.

But how? Sophie enters the vivid, visually captivating world of subconsciousness to confront her demons and face her inner child still trapped within the walls, going on a terrifying yet an eye-opening journey of learning to trust others again.

professionele productie / lowbudget


Position: PR & Comms specialist (NL/ENG)
Paid: No
Location(s): Amsterdam

Role description: Comms spirit and Collaboration Guru in the NL creative scene

Looking for a real communicator who is interested in connecting with people in the Dutch arts and social scene in Amsterdam/ Hague/ Utrecht and Rotterdam. You would join a group of international creatives in a journey to build a visually daring short-film project.


- Working closely with our marketer & copywriter to spread the word about the project
- Help with partnership / collaboration outreach & management
- Identifying and connecting to relevant NL connections (influencers/ media/ comms partners) that
should be involved in our project
- Dutch comms material rework from English, if needed


Functie eisen / profiel
Your awesome qualities:

Great communicator- happy to reach out to people for new collaborations
Speaks Dutch & English
Familiar with the NL creative (movie/ art/ social) scene
Fun and hard-working

Wat bieden wij?
What do you get in return

We are a low-budget production, but we make sure our crew is rewarded and all of the departments have the resources to fulfil their creative visions and create the most epic short film out there.
In the first year after finishing, we are planning to submit Scar of Silence short film to international Film festivals including Berlinale, Sundance, Netherlands Film Festival and others.
The short movie is the start of a long journey of self-discovery sparking a movement that will inspire the victims to heal, the society to have empathy, and the world to change for the better.
Our goals are high and we are looking for people who will share the same passion and drive to create something meaningful together.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Magdalena Lepczynska
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Op: 12-06-2019 / 178 x bekeken
Categorie: Onbetaald
Verloopt op: 30-06-2019
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