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Jan Willem Looze
'Cities change the songs of birds' is a production of Jacob TV in collaboration with Multi Media Impuls and Production House Muzieklab Brabant. Jacob ter Veldhuis, is one of Hollands most successful contemporary composers. Sometimes referred to as the Andy Warhol of music. His heavenly music moves the soul while the coarse reality of earthbound existence permeates throughout. Often you will hear verbal strands of American sound bites melodically woven into his work; He is fascinated by America. Audiosamples are combined with fragments of ridiculous commercials or of addicted women in the Jerry Springer Show. A mix of pop, rock, jazz and classical music, inmates, whores, junkies and beauty. Together with among others the rising star, harpist Lavinia Meijer, you are taken along a multimedia extravaganza about survival on the fringe of society. Explicitly for those with an inquisitive open mind ! Jan Boiten - video Jan Willem Looze - video The JacobTV All Stars: JacobTV - music Lavinia Meijer - harp Miguel Boelens - saxophone Bart Wirtz - saxophone Mete Erker - saxophone Nils van Haften - saxophone,clarinet Mick Paauw - bass Arend Niks - drums,percussion