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Bureau Aardewerk
The Volvo Ocean Race is about speed and spectacle, and PUMA Ocean Racing intends to dominate on the water with a boat named 'il mostro' and on the land with a unique hospitality concept called PUMA City. Kubik's challenge: manage, service and provide logistics for the entire concept, everywhere the race stops around the world. PUMA City consists of 24 specially constructed 40 feet sea containers that combine a merchandising store with a unique nightclub setting. Kubik will draw on its experience as event partner for previous race winner Team ABN AMRO to provide installation, dismantling and service for the PUMA pavilion at various locations as the race moves round the world. Results: The bright red structure of Puma City sets the pace on shore with incredible graphics and innovative architecture. It's a perfect showcase forKubik's commitment to creating spectacular client events.